How to do a Drive-by Birthday Party

When kids have a birthday under lock down or strict Covid-19 Levels that you had to cancel because of social distancing, the disappointment struck a heavy blow to their emotional state. The big part of it is the lingering disappointment of their birthday gone un-celebrated. As we get deeper into quarantine, however, people have gotten creative with their celebrations. One result; the drive-by birthday party.

Let’s face it, watching friends cruise by while whooping salutations is not the party most kids dream about. But in this time of social isolation, the very act of seeing friends who are excited to celebrate can make a day significantly more special than the day-to-day family-only existence we’ve all been experiencing. Hosting a Drive by party is a great way to remain connected to your family and friends while still maintaining social distancing guidelines that you must be adhering to. Let's face it, the current situation has made even the most introverted of us a bit stir crazy. Don't even get me started on how extroverts are handling this whole thing... Hosting a drive by party is a new thing, and it's something that lets people who choose to be connected while still staying apart if you choose. I thing they're genius. 

How to host Drive-by Birthday Party

Send out Invitations; Use a digital e-vite that you can WhatsApp or e-mail. You can use a drive by theme or your child's Theme of choice - At Digital Invitations there are lots of options to choose from

Get Matching T-shirts for Mom, dad, birthday boy/girl and siblings; this will make the day even more special for the birthday boy/girl. This will also make awesome photo's to remember the day. Here at Kidz Cardz we have losts of options email us for pricing - or whatsapp us on 072 584 7083

Set a narrow time limit; about a half-hour. It feels more like a party or a parade when there’s a bunch of cars lined up honking and shouting well-wishes.

Whether you’re having the party at your house or at a park, make it festive. A party where guests never leave the car is a substantial obstacle to overcome. Balloons, signs and banners make a big difference. 

Party Packs and favors are a good way for the birthday kid to interface with each car, but be sensitive to your guests’ well-being and make sure that the child is wearing a mask and sanitise regularly. This will also support your local party supplier. Here at Kidz Cardz we have losts of options email us for pricing - or whatsapp us on 072 584 7083

Make it a surprise. One birthday boy was playing in the sprinklers in the front yard and was totally surprised by the caravan of cars that came to celebrate him.

Speaking of water, you might need it. As the temperatures rise, spending even a half-hour outside could get uncomfortable and bottled water could ensure that the birthday kid remains outside and in good spirits.

If you attend a drive-by party

Make a sign. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy, but holding a big “Happy Birthday” sign is infinitely more festive than merely calling out of an open window. If you have extra time (and you know you do), decorate your car. Think birthday parade.

Honk your horn.

If your car has a sun roof, use it.

Please take a gift if you can, this will lift the birthday boy/girls spirit allot. put it into a bag for an easy, minimal-contact transfer.

Here at Kidz Cardz we have losts of options email us for pricing - or whatsapp us on 072 584 7083 




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